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and the other, it makes it like null. isn't that nice? beats. question, paul? can you explain why laser discs are suppose to have a better sound quality than tapes? those laser discs amaze me. let me tell you what a laser disc does. you saw ted sang in here and showed you a particular wave. well, when ted did that-- ted maybe made a wave like that. now, what i wanna do is i wanna record that wave and give it back to you. the old way of doing it was just to have ted speak into a microphone, and when he spoke into the microphone, a little crystal would start to vibrate too. and the crystal vibrates like that, the electrons get squeezed up here and spread out here so that just pass through the wire. and as the crystal vibrates, the little electrons will vibrate too, just in rhythm, by the way, 'cause the electrons have hardly any inertia. and so you get an electrical signal and that would be brought over to a little needle that'd be riding on a waxed disc. and the needle would vibrate the same way and those vibrations would be caught up in the waxed disc. and you play it back and you-- hoop--you
paul ryan that would have cut programs such as medicaid and food stamps. the nigerian literary icon chinua achebe has died and at the age of 82. his novels, including the highly celebrated "things fall apart," provided a counterpoint to the colonial depiction of africa and helped give voice to a continent. in 2008 during a celebration of his birthday at the library of congress, chinua achebe was asked how the groundbreaking novel, published in 1958, had changed him. writinge process of "things fall apart, >> what it changed my life. because i had to invent the language of that story. something that anybody was teaching anywhere. the conversation between evo and english. make it up as i went along. >> chinua achebe died in boston after a brief illness. and those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. of the financial world are on the small mediterranean island of cyprus today. the government of cyprus has brokered a last-ditch $13 billion bailout deal with european officials to stave off the collapse of its ba
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)